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Welcome to the wiki of the University of Toronto Role-Playing Game club. You can follow the links below to information on our currently running games, or search for information using the sidebar.


Upcoming sessions


  • Saturday, December 10 - TBD
    • Able to Run: TBD
    • Able to Host: Aaron
    • Able to Play: Aaron, Ben, Jason, Jon, Prince
    • Not available: Mike
  • Sunday, Dec 18 - TBD
    • Not available: Jason

The scheduling dragon's order of importance for decisions (in descending order):

  • Seniority of Game: determines initial order subject to the other factors.
  • GM's desires
  • Player desires (if in conflict GM's vote still goes up mostly cause you can't have a game without him)
  • Random chance and alcohol: These will come up, try to minimize it or give fair warning (night before, day of is not fair warning unless something super important happened)

Active Campaigns

Here are our current and past campaigns. Players are encouraged to add whatever details they like to these pages.

Inactive Campaigns

These are on hiatus, or otherwise waiting for someone to pick them up and run with them.

Awaiting Launch

Previous Campaigns


For projects and sidebits that are coming or have passed.



Members are encouraged to create personal pages, and link them here:

Other club stuff

This site

RPG tools

There are some character sheets and other tools set up as Mediawiki templates to make things go smoothly. Help documents and so on are in the works. For now here is an unordered and only moderately useful list:


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