Thirteen Treasures

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Thirteen Treasures is a game taking place in post-Arthurian Britannia.




  • King Gurth of Mercia, an Angle (Saxon) and Christian, based out of Tamworth
  • Bishop Leo of Lichfield
  • Equus, chief engineer
  • Arturo, Celtic subchieftain, the PCs answer to him
  • Wulfgard the Explorer, dwarf/Norse subchief
  • Turangar of Shadow Valley: goblin cleric, negotiated a settlement with the PCs
  • Marshal Gratok, hobgoblin warlord


  • Mercia, Saxon-occupied kingdom
    • Degferm, PC's manor. Has a water mill for grinding grain, a blacksmith, and a fantastic food supply thanks to the treasure


Session 1

The heroes of Degferm were shivering on a chilly late winter night when a clamour arose. Wulfgard the Explorer, a famous Norse dwarf warrior, and a very small band were trying to take over one of their villagers' huts. Rather than jump them, the heroes merely asked what was up. Wulfgard had "found" a holy artifact, the Hamper of Gwyddno Garanhir, and vengeful goblins wanted it back. When the heroes learned what the artifact could do (multiply food x10) they multiplied their seed grain and openly suggested keeping the dwarves around for several weeks. The dwarves were told they would have to fight for the village; the dwarves were obviously reluctant.

The goblins lived a hunter/gatherer lifestyle in the nearby mountains and forests. They were rarely aggressive, only defending what they considered theirs. However, the goblins were furious at this intrusion. They'd killed most of the explorers, and were on the march. It was believed the goblins would round up warriors from their seven villages and march on Degferm, which had only 40 villagers, four of whom were warriors of note.

The heroes did not want to turn to Arturo or Gurth for help. They thought they could take the goblins themselves. They had the opportunity to test these skills out when they saw some goblins skulking (badly failing to hide) around the village. The heroes attacked, only to run into an annoying cleric who kept freezing them in place. An irate Malwyn very serenely (well, not at all serenely) chopped many to pieces with a mere single swing of his axe. Malwyn was a little too effective. The only surviving goblins were idiots who couldn't speak Common or Elven, and nobody could translate, magically or otherwise.

The heroes then decided to move against the goblins. Alas, they were ambushed in the woods and found that goblins are deadly when they get the drop on you. Or flank you. Malwyn again roamed the battlefield, slaying almost at will, with only goblin magic often pinning him in place. The goblins dished out so much hurt that David and Gwyneth were forced to use all their healing power to keep their comrades alive. Even then some of the heroes fell, briefly, in the battle. Malwyn chased a solitary survivor into the mists, letting the rest of the party capture their cleric alive. He turned out to be Turangar of Shadow Valley, who initially refused to give his village's name, even when threatened with torture, since his family lived there. He revealed that there were seven goblin villages, and Marshal Gratok was rounding up the goblins to recover their artifact. He also revealed that there were many goblins as the artifact had done wonders for their food supplies. But now the goblins might starve.

Meanwhile the heroes had been thinking of increasing their own power, or at least their own armies. David, Gwyneth and Turangar hatched a deal. The heroes would keep the artifact and multiply their farming products, but give the goblins a share. They would teach young goblins how to farm. Turangar took the deal to Marshal Gratok, who (after nearly kicking him into a fire) agreed. Gratok showed up with four hundred goblins, which was not his entire force. Goblin chieftain's children would learn the farming skills, as they would be the best at learning, then teaching reluctant goblins to farm. The heroes intend to convert them to Christianity, and they would then convert the rest of the heathen goblins. Cultural victory!

As they pondered their new fortune, Arturo showed up with a small band. He had heard about the hamper, but the heroes lied and said they knew nothing of it. They planned on increasing their food supply and selling off the excess, but want to avoid getting caught out by Arturo or other jealous rivals.