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Saving Creation by beating things up...


The Song of the Yak is an Exalted 2nd Edition game that Jonathan is running. It centers around a circle of six recently Solars and their travails as they find their place in the world which has forgotten their glories and conquer all in their paths. Through the course of their journey they will uncover dark secrets, create towering wonders and beat up stuff really good. And in the end, they might just have a character moment....

Or not.

Game Notations: The format of "The Song of the Yak" focuses on the control and use of power on a tactical and strategic level rather than on the personal level as generally seen with many RP campaigns. The abstraction to a strategic level of thinking will hopefully provide the players with a sense of what level the players fit into the world as newly returned demi-gods.

Also while mortals suck as they are wont to do, non-mortals do not suck, and thus are correspondingly harder to beat up.

There will be personal level issues that will impact the players such as issues of trust, beating people up, references to video games that players may have played, secrets, and people who may be harder than the norm to beat up.
Seriousness will also be an issue, but only when it is awesome.

One of the ideas for how the early game will go is the "March of Seasons" which will be an attempt to get everyone past that hundred year mark so the players can hit Essence 6. What it will be is playing over turns that span a year abstracting such that we can hopefully pass through several years in a session.

(Note 02/27/07): Ok, so fast fowarding that fast will only work in downtime. So we will try to keep a couple of years passing forward, but I assume that we'll only get around 20-30 years done by the summer, so Dave can have a triumphant return.

1) You Cannot Escape Fate, or Avoid it.
2) You Cannot succeed alone. Nor can you do everything alone.
3) The World you see is not the true world.
4) Your Place in the world is at the top.
5) The responsibility of power is to use it responsibly.
6) Dead People have a higher percentage chance of being assholes

Game Clock: It is RY 771. 5 Years, 8 Months and 2 weeks have passed as of the start of Session 5.

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