The Last Age of Callendor

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Sometimes one age's hero is later age's monster.

From their victory against the dread godling Chorral they bound Brevoy and the various squabbling petty River Kingdoms into a vast and united kingdom that shook the foundations of power in the realms. Led by the (Dragon King Linus the Ironbreaker) they secured their power base from the steppes of Numeria to the anarchy of Galt. Their terrible armies bound by dark magics and augmented by the creature that would become known as the "Cathedral of Pain" and their terrible and fey Archdruid swept all opposition out of their way.

With this power the Lords would go on to take out their grudge against the various deities that had decided to use their local power struggle as entertainment. Through some unknown and terrible method the Lords managed to devise a way to kill a god, which they then tried out on the Baba Yaga, witch queen of Irrisen. The Baba Yaga was killed after a furious battle that left Irrisen as a smoking crater. That in of itself was not a problem since the Baba Yaga was not one of the Gods of Golarion. However in response Gozreh attacked manifesting himself properly on Golarion as a world destroying elemental storm, which the Lords defeated with staggering results.

With Gozreh's link to Golarion broken, the weather went mad. The lords managed to tame the destruction they had wrought by funneling Gozreh's portfolio through themselves, elevating themselves to godhood.

Then they thought, what if other forces were in control of Golarion's fate, more responsible creatures with a better understanding of the human condition. Thus began the Great Purge. Those gods who weren't killed had their connection to Golarion broken and fled to other worlds, leaving the Lords as the reigning pantheon over a broken world.

It has been 1000 years since the purge. Golarion, sort of works, insomuch as its broken wrecked hulk still continues to contain Rovagug and sustain mortal life. Under the grey-green sky the Dragon Emperor reigns on his throne of dragonbone while the Cathedral of Pain travels, easing the suffering of some, and increasing the suffering of others. The Archdruid still struggles to (kill all humans) while the Wraith Lord wrestles with demons in an attempt to wrest control of the world.

This is the world you adventure in, yoked to the chains of fate, bound by the Lords to their fate. Someday Golarion will be free, maybe it will be you that makes that true.

The end began when lord Raziel, first amongst equals, great general of the warhost of the Dragon Emperor rebelled taking the majority of the soldiers with him. Those still loyal to the Dragon Emperor try to understand this betrayal while the natural world, tenuously held together by the Archdruid begins to fall apart.


What stands between chaos and the world? Fantasy dumping ground for monsters and rejects.

Description of the world: Cosmology

Kingmaker Campaign Epilogue

This is Jason's memory of the final Kingmaker session, other people to update:

  • The PCs were caught in a time warp and returned to the world after it had been ruled for years by Linus' father, a powerful red dragon
  • Not just Calenndor, but much of Brevoy, really the whole surrounding area was trashed to hell by the dragon's rule
  • The PCs raised an army, reconquered the land, and slayed the great dragon
  • Linus the Paladin claimed most of Calenndor, Brevoy, and the surroundings as a new Dragon King/demigod, and gave every PC their own portion to rule
  • Melchoir Silvertongue the Magus and the giant living dungeon monstrosity that was Rebecca Harrow established an evil realm of experimentation and consorting with demons. But really it's not! >_>
  • Fëanáro Sindanárië the Druid took over the old druid realms as the new leader of the decimated druid organization, and tried to repair the land. I got the impression that he was going to rule it very strictly
  • Blinky Bobcob the Wizard completed his research thesis "but it sucked"
  • Sophia Champneys the Sorceress and Fray the Silvanshee familiar set up a compassionate trading/refugee province, let her parents head it day to day, while they traveled the planes for research and quests or conducted diplomacy for Linus
  • Rollyguts the transporter/gunslinger created some kind of epic mercantile center on the coast, I think?
  • Don't remember what Marian the Barbarian, Perriwinkle the Bloody intelligent horse, or Aruin the Witch (Ben's PC) did
  • Iomedae's golden dragon avatar probably left. Guiding Light the silver dragon probably drunkenly parties with the Elves, Linus, and Sophia in a circuit
  • The bug people (from Pitax?) and elf queen still had some forces?
  • There was still a king of Brevoy?


Kobolds are now goblins.

Dragon people exist. They're the scions of Linus or in a more archaic wording scions of Chorral (that's not a popular thing to say)

Trolls are a factor in the setting

Elves are mildly technomagic.

Dwarves have merged into the Unity to preserve their race (When the gods left no more dwarves were born)


Character gen is part FATE and part 13th age. At the moment the only modification is add 3-5 interesting aspects and Fate points will work in this manner:

Spending 1 FP = +1d6 to a roll
Spending 2 FP = reroll

You can hold 1+level FP at any time (that might change depending on how this addon works.

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