Tales of the Efferdhal Lily

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Check the feeds; our import-export customs record is clean. She's a good ship, is our Lily. Always steers us true. And she should, for all the Thalers the Wilkinsons spent on her. I never in my life piloted a ship while afraid of chipping the paint like I am these days. Still, I should be grateful I'm at her helm instead of in her brig. Oh, no, I don't mean nothing by that. I had an eventful youth, is all. But this ship is reliable as all get-out, and our satisfied customers are the proof of that. There's a reason I'm known for transporting ... sensitive cargo. After all, like I said: our records are clean.Captain Derrick "Boomer" Phezir, of the Efferdhal Lily

Tales of the Efferdhal Lily is a Diaspora campaign set in the far future, in a backwater stellar cluster. It follows the crew of the Efferdhal Lily, a transport yacht from the system of Areston.

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Major NPCs

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Minor NPCs

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Star Systems

The cluster contains the following star systems:

The Thozeva cluster

Locations of Interest

In addition, there are some locations of interest:


And the cluster's major hazards so far (apart from the PCs) include:

The Tales

Tales of the Efferdhal Lily
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The following are the stories told of the Efferdhal Lily. Which of them are true, and which made up, is a matter of some debate among those who care.

The Artifact trilogy

Book 1: The Viagran Waystation, starring Jacob Ogilvy

In which a routine passage through the Viagra system encounters complications.

Book 2: The Sign of the Black Leaf, starring Christya Desdemona Heyrdahl

In which a delivery to Areston uncovers suspicious activity.

Book 3: The Tombstone Mission, starring Jett Miner

In which unsettling changes are discovered in Tombstone.

Beyond Oregon (the RPOL story)

This story arc takes place as a play-by-post game on RolePlay online.

Book 1: Leaving Tombstone

In which the crew of the Efferdhal Lily looks for somewhere where there is no price on their heads.

Book 2: The Oregon Trail

In which the Efferdhal Lily gets an unexpected addition to the crew on its way to Oregon.

Book 3: The Salem Affair

In which the crew of the Efferdhal Lily tries to find a new slipknot route and gets embroiled in Oregon politics.


The game system being used is Diaspora, a hard (ish) sci-fi FATE variant. The sourcebook (available through Lulu or RPGNow) is the main reference; the SRD (version 0.1.2) is also available.

Currently the game is being run as a play-by-post on RPOL.

House Rules

House rules in play are:

  • Session Spotlight: each session spotlights one character
  • Additional Skills: Deceit, Empathy, Investigation
  • The rules for Concessions are clarified and made more specific.
  • The move another rules are expanded to allow moving several people at once.
  • One type of variant slipknot is being used: pairwise one-way slipknots.

Custom stunts include: