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You play a motley (or not) assortment of humans and aliens who are also Incom fighter pilots abord the Independence. You're the least senior pilots assigned to the Independence and because of that, you're stuck doing maintenance while the rest of the fighter wing is out on leave. As you toil away annoyed at your lack of booze and babes, the klaxons ring and you're being given hesitant orders by the very junior watch officer to suit up and get ready for something.

Now you're in command of a rag tag fleet that is aiding the rebellion or actively engaging in piracy and theft throughout the universe. Who knows whether your actions will tip the balance in the war with the Empire or will your legacy be that of a heavily armed pirate cadre.


Chae Nodiz and Jakker/Onca suit up for combat

The Main PC Pilots:

The Playable NPCs:

(The players occasionally control these people).

Possible candidates for playable NPCs:

(Move whoever doesn't become a playable NPC to NPCs)

  • Incom personnel: Lord Vors Voorheinen the Incom Engineering Lord
  • The Independence crew: the crazy spacing Ithorian mutineer Captain (former pilot), the cowardly helmsman, the Astrogator, the head nurse (the doctor was off-ship)
  • Maintenance station crew: Tootu Polo, the Sullustan engineering head
  • Gladiator crew (Kuat Defence Forces): Their Captain, ...?
  • Ensign Voice, the second-generation communications and crafting droid from Rekatta

Sessions and Setting

Where do you stand?

There was mixed sentiment on Feresia, home of the Incom Corporation, when the declaration of Rebellion was made.

As a core world, they had been ravaged by the war against both the replicating droid horde of the Trade Federation and the fallout of the Jedi Civil War so the idea of stabilization, even under the autocratic regime of the newly reformed "Empire" would give them time to rebuild. This ideal would be crushed by an alliance between Siennar Fleet Systems and Kuat Drive Yards in a bid to gather all the military contracts for the Empire and to otherwise inconvenience the other contractors. Siennar was particularly incensed by accusations from an engineer-lord of Incom suggesting major flaws with Siennar's upcoming TIE fighter design.

The culmination of Incom's bad luck came when three overstrength flotillas jumped in system under the auspices of "nationalizing" Incom. This is where you stand, otherwise occupied in the largest orbital dockyard over Feresia in the Marauder Light Assault Carrier Independence. You're finishing an upgrade cycle in the orbital dockyards, putting the last touches on installing an expansion to the fighter bay. Half the crew is otherwise on leave and the flotillas for some reason have setup far out of the gravity well.

Game Premise

This game is going to be about big ship battles, or starfighter battles plus Star Wars stuff about visiting strange worlds and shooting stuff/having crazy adventures. I am willing to deal with everyone being on the capital ship and we can focus on capital ship combat and Star Trek like stuff too.

Media inspiration: Battlestar Galactica 2003 mini series + season 1, Mobile Suit Gundam Original Star Wars series, Space Battleship Yamato (modern reboot) Captain Horatio Hornblower movies.

CORE RULE: I am instituting the "no stupid stuff rule". That is you can do whatever so long as it does not impinge on other players without their permission or the game itself (example, no poison gas breathing characters that kill sentients in their sleep by spooning them.) If there's consensus and its fun its fine.

The Independence

The Independence is an 250 year old hull with a storied history. While not classified as ship of the line it has served with distinction as a patrol cruiser and has been commanded by several important executives of Incom. As such it has been a test bed for several experimental upgrades, notably a expanded fighter bay and a new design of ion engine to accomodate the extra mass. The fighter bay despite being expanded has markedly fewer amenities, possibly to save mass, or because of its modular design.

Supplementary Materials

Alternate Dresden style game startup stuff

Star Wars Starships (Jon's page) Custom ships will be posted here as well as updates and changes to ships that you have access to.

Astrogation table

Kuat History

Fresia History, Fresia d6 data

Incom Corporation

The Rancor Pit and Rancor Forums

D6 Holocron Wiki - awesome resource. Some things will be nerfed, some things will be buffed. Ep 1-3 stuff is kind of OP.


Character Sheets

GM Tools


I'm going to try to implement some kind of quest display system for the random side quests that I want people to try to be engaged in. Why? This way its stated what I think your possible external goals are. Also perhaps some kind of structured written device might help with lowering the game confusion of "what do we do now".

The idea with this game is to re-theme Star Wars somewhat. The major idea is to make the whole Alliance/Empire distinction less clear cut between good and bad and to push Jedi to one side as dealing with them mechanically can suck. One other source I like is Blake's 7, which has a generally depressing feel to the heroics. Also an influence is the Lost Fleet, a series of novels where the protagonist leads a fleet to try to get home through enemy territory. The game itself is gonna start off hopefully a bit like Privateer, but in a carrier with your buddies running away from other people who may have been your buddies at one point.

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