Shadows of Nuln

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Mounted Combat

Mounted Combat Goal: to make mounted combat plausible in WHFRP so to have the ability to have mounted opponents and resolve mounted combat without too much fiddling. Also trying to resolve the issue of single mounted units and lance charges.

Untrained mounts: to make the big differentiation between war trained mounts and non trained mounts you need to take a half action to make a ride test to keep control of an untrained mount during a battle. Now that ~50 GP you spend on a warhorse means something.

Rider uses the mount's movement for movement purposes.

Rider suffers -10% WS unless fighting in a group of 3 or more riders.

  • What this means is that a Horseman with a warhorse against a single unmounted foe is at a net +0% to hit them (-10% single horseman, +10% outnumbering opponent 2-1)

Shooting a bow off a moving horse suffers a -20% BS unless the Rider has the Mounted Archery Talent

Any person on foot with a polearm or spear can set to receive a charge as a half action

  • This gives the foot person an automatic free attack against any charging foe at +10% and +1 damage. With a long polearm like a pike a group of 4 or more people receive a +20% to hit and +2 to damage.

If mount is a trained war animal they may make their attacks on the rider's initiative.

  • Trampling: If you want your mount to step on something instead of you having to deal with it you can make a ride test while moving through the target square/s. Each subsequent target after the first provides a -10% to one's ride check. Targets suffer a hit of your mount's SB+1.

When attacking a mount the attacker may choose to attack the mount. If the attack does any damage the rider must make a ride test to stay on the mount. On a war trained mount the check is done with a +20%, on a riding mount the check is made at -20%

  • Targeting the mount is at -10% to your WS. This is mostly just so that its a bit harder to kill said mount as in higher XP games its fairly noticeable that the mount is less tough than the rider.
  • The mount is given a chance to dodge all attacks. (?)

Falling off a horse sucks. Falling off a charging horse really sucks. Rider suffers a S 5 hit, only toughness applies, for falling off a moving horse, and an S 7 hit, only toughness applies off a charging horse. Falling is less bad on a shorter or slower mounts like a wolf or pony. (move -1?)


  • Demilances and lances are only really useful on charges, which may require a change in one of the Grail Knight abilities. Outside of the charge they have the same stats as a spear but with the Slow ability instead of being Fast. Also halving of their prices mostly because they are semi-disposable weapons. 30% of being destroyed on a charge.
  • Spears can also be used on a charge and gain a +1 SB damage bonus but lose the Fast ability. Spears suffer a 40% chance of being destroyed and a 40% chance of being torn out of the wielder's hands.
  • Regular weapons lose the +10% to hit and gain +1 damage instead.

Light Warhorse: increase Ag to 40

Heavy Warhorse: increase S and T to 50, lower move to 7


Dameon Starke

Main article: Dameon Starke

Race: Human
Career: Outrider
A voice of law and order in the areas far away from cities and towns, he has brought this level head and belief in the Imperial legal system to the party.
He's no longer so level-headed, after having been exposed to warp stone and having seen horrid demons and weird-eyed elves. Tends to go berserk if he's the only one standing.


Race: Wood Elf
Career: Kithband Warrior
Enigmatic, even by Elven standards, Dolwin's sense of entitlement and superiority may only be matched by his abilities of combat and stealth.

Johann II

Race: Human
Career: Noble
Relatively untried and inexperienced in the world outside of his father's estate, he is sometimes caught without a plan when surprised by what the lower-born citizens of the empire are capable.


Race: Human

Career: Thief

Clever and fast on her feet, she's always got a way to get out of trouble as quickly she gets into it, and if she can suitably embarrass any law enforcement officials in the process, so much the better.

Kasha had big dreams when she came to Nuln: live a glamorous life surrounded by attractive, rich people. Start a business trading in furs or buying up farms. Perhaps train in the sword and become a barbarian queen, lopping heads off chaos creatures and laughing with a flagon of wine in her hand. Instead she found a city where the surest way to make your fortune was to take it from somebody else when they weren't looking. Before long she found herself scraping human shit off the ceiling of a sewer, chained to five other losers and seriously re-evaluating her life.


Race: Human
Career: Squire
It is now known that Helmut's name is Maynard. He is motivated by saving his family and destroying a Baron from Ostermark - Who also happens to be his patron. It appears that he has made several very powerful enemies, but doesn't seem overly phased by that.
Bloodthirsty but Machiavellian, Maynard is a true son of the Ostermark's martial spirit, taking things slowly enough to suss out the possible benefits and dangers before drawing a blade.


Race: Dwarf
Career: Mercenary
The clash of blades, and the chink of coin. Or the other way around. Either way, Mordrid is a Dwarf of simple motivations, and absolutely brutal combat prowess.

Modrid travels the realm asking questions he's always asked since leaving Dwarven lands, What is evil? Why do human nobility prey on their social inferiors? Are all city guard corrupt? Why are elves less terrible than humans? Who do I have to kill to make some money? Hopefully the answers to his questions will come sooner rather than later, for everyone's sake.


Race: Elf
Career: Envoy
Young (for an elf), his wanderlust was to be sated by an assignment to the Empire. But after being completely frustrated by the inane and repulsive human merchants he was constantly dealing with, he felt it was time for a change.


Session 1

Having traveled to Nuln, one of the greatest cities of the Empire, seeking adventure, glory, and fortune, the characters all ran afoul of the (sometimes inconsistent) law of the majestic city. Charged with minor infractions, they found themselves pulling sewer detail, chained together by the ankles, and forced to scrape the buildup of refuse from the main sewer passages. Unfortunately, a strange swarming of rats forced them to end their bondage earlier than anticipated, and, fleeing through the labyrinthine sewer system beneath the lower-class sections of Nuln, they ran afoul of a grotesquely mutated and battle-damaged creature who ignored all calls for reason and simply attacked.

Mordrid managed to fell the beast, wielding the foreman's cudgel. Dameon, thinking of possible legal consequences upon his return to the surface, severed and collected its head in hopes of convincing someone of their story. Further along, Dolwin surprised a lone man, who professed to be tracking the recently deceased beast. He revealed that within the monster's abdomen, a mysterious orb, radiating energy, was concealed. Simon (as the man named himself), offered show the adventurers a way out of the sewers, offered to meet them in a tavern, with the promise of employment.

Left to their own devices outside the sewer exit, the party had two immediate goals: to get their confiscated weapons back from custody of the watch, and above all, find someplace to get clean. Finding a well, they attempted to scour as much of the sewer filth off of themselves, only to be apprehended by a watchman. Maynard took the lead, and quickly submitted to the will of the watchman, in hopes that cooperation would be the best way to regain their lost equipment. After a quick exchange, it became apparent that the watchmen were only interested in the contents of his pockets. A brawl was inevitable. Kasha, having slipped away from the group silently, disabled the alarm bell, and then managed to steal one of the guards' swords from his scabbard.

Having enacted their own brand of justice, the party traveled to the tavern where they met Simon, who explained that the newly-found orb was a key to a Chaos vault holding a holy artifact, and he would pay handsomely for the party to take it to the site where they might open it while avoiding the witch hunters. Finally, he revealed that he had procured the party's weapons from the impound.

Session 2

Agreeing to Simon's terms, the party made arrangements for their upcoming trip. Simon informed the two mounted characters that he would be able to get their steeds out of custody by the next morning, and that they should make their own arrangements to get to the town of Bernau, a satellite community of the town of Pfeildorf at the joining of the River Sol and the Upper Reik. Exploiting a contact in a shipping company from his previous work in this area, Dameon arranges for the party to travel with a small caravan headed in the direction the next day. Meanwhile, Mordrid, having found himself idle and not having anything to kill, he quickly teams up with Dameon and Helmut to arrange an unlicenced pit fight.

The Nord, standing nearly twice as tall as the stalwart dwarf, got in a couple good hits before he was dispatched, to the surprise and delight of the crowd. Having sated his bloodlust temporarily, and having proved once again that dwarves are infinitely superior in combat to humans, Mordrid contemplated a career in pit fighting. Having heard of the shenanigans that the party is indulging itself in, Simon quickly appoints an Elven envoy of his acquaintance to accompany them, and to ensure that they stay on track. Having had poor luck recently in his negotiations with the ignorant human merchant guilds, Delawin is more than ready for the opportunity to explore alternative methods of employment.

Delawin begins by offering his place of lodging to the weary party, in order to keep an eye on them. Unfortunately, the inn had been scoped out by a couple of thieves who had heard of a rich Elf lodging there, and who attempt to break into the room and steal his purse. They are surprised to find not one slumbering and defenseless elf, but four semi-alert fighters who quickly dispatch of the meddling thieves.

Finally time to leave, the party set off on their five day journey. The first morning (having started at noon the previous day), they are attacked by four completely silent and disease-ridden warriors clad in black armour. The party defeats them, but many characters are on the brink of death.