Rogue Trader

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A Rogue trader and his trusty compatriots set forth into the Koronus Expanse, seeking the fabled riches of this corner of the galaxy.

XP Totals

  • Abhi: 600
  • Eric S: 500
  • Prince: 600
  • Eric Z: 600
  • Alex R: 600
  • Alex B: 600
  • Jon: 600

Active Characters

The Titanic

The Titanic

The Setting

<Dei> It's 40K!

<Dei> You don't know 40K?!

<PatPandaHat> nope.

<Dei> okay.

<Dei> So, um.

<Dei> Take Medieval Europe.

<Dei> Picture it in your head.

<Dei> Let me know when you have it.

<PatPandaHat> are we talking medieval europe a la D&D or realistic boringmedieval Europe?

<Dei> Realistic.

<Dei> more realistic than D&D, at least.

<PatPandaHat> okay.

<{Moogle}> it's a gothic nightmare version, somewhere in between the two

<Dei> Now! Shove that forward in time past the Singularity, past thecollapse of civilization, into the year 40,999.

<Dei> As you're shoving it forward, you have to push it through a wallmade of Death Metal album covers.

<Dei> You're gonna get Death Metal all over it.

<Dei> All right. So you've got Medieval Europe, filled with amazing technological advances that are barely understood, and everything is covered with spikes and skulls.

<FatherDog> And giant shoulderpads.

<FatherDog> That are covered in spikes and skulls.

<Dei> yes, yes.

<Dei> Now, stretch that out to cover the entire "east" side of theGalaxy.

<Dei> So, you've stretched medieval death metal post-apocalyptic Europeout. Now, grind up some Dune, some Alien, some Star Wars, and some Lensmen,and mix them together.

<Dei> Sprinkle liberally.

<PatPandaHat> so half the galaxy looks like medieval Europe ruled by FastEddie.

<Dei> no, no.

<PatPandaHat> oh.

<Dei> The Imperium is ruled by the Emperor. Who is sort of like Paul Atreides mixed with Superman.

<Dei> But dead.

<Dei> but not dead.

<{Moogle}> And hungry.

<Dei> hungry for souls.

<Dei> Death Metal album covers, remember?

<PatPandaHat> so ruled by a lich.

<{Moogle}> It's for the good of mankind!

<{Moogle}> Protecting us from the horrors of the Warp.

- Courtesy of

The Story

The PCs are the bridge-crew of a ship that's half Star Trek and half Conquistadors exploiting the new world.

Currently the party consists of:

- Rogue Trader (Captain of the ship, and a member of a Rogue Trader Dynasty that grants him the right to travel outside the Empire for personal profit and the proliferation of humanity)

- Arch-Militant (Security officer and general badass)

- Navigator (Mutant capable of piloting the ship through the daemonic realm of the Warp to achieve FTL speeds)

- Explorator (Cyborg engineer)

- Seneschal (Deadly spy/accountant)

- Voidmaster (Pilot and operations officer)

Finally, the adventures up to this point:

The ship (The Titanic) began its adventures docked to Port Wander, an Imperial station located just inside Imperial space, at the edge of a newly discovered region dubbed the Koronus Expanse. There the group received instructions to transport a group of pilgrims to a Shrine-world just inside the expanse, where they were also to meet their Rogue Trader. After setting off through the treacherous corridor between Warp storms that connects the Expanse to Imperial space, there was an explosion on board. Some of the pilgrims turned out to be saboteurs who had snuck out of their beautiful accommodations in stowage and destroyed the Gellar Field generator, which is responsible for preventing daemons and general mind-fucks from entering the ship as it travels through the Warp.

The crew immediately dropped back into realspace and spent some time clearing the ship of monsters and counting the bodies of dead crew. The saboteurs were revealed to be highly advanced cyborgs, completely unknown in the Imperium. Fortunately, they found themselves in a ship-graveyard and were able to find a suitable replacement for their Field generator, as well as a few crate-loads of alien weaponry and an alien AI. All of this safely stowed on the ship, they set off again to the Shrine-world.

They found the Shrine-world ringed with planetary defense satellites, and were informed that they were heretics of the Imperial cult and would not be allowed to pollute the planet. After some thrilling heroics, they were able to seize control of the defense network and began to investigate the surface of the planet. It was discovered that there were only 2 structures on the whole world; a spire, and a citadel. Around this time, the lost Rogue Trader contacted them from the surface, informing them that he had been marooned and forced to infiltrate this cult. The crew launched an armed rescue team, and managed to extract the Rogue Trader from the spire, discovering that many of the people that opposed them were cyborgs like the ones that sabotaged the crew.

Finally reunited with his ship, the Rogue Trader opened communications with the leaders of the cult, informing them that their ways had deviated too far from the teachings of the Emperor. They were receptive, as their teachings had been based on the false assumption that the Imperium had collapsed and that they were the only bastion of humanity left in the universe (on account that their berserk orbital defences had cut off all communication to the rest of the universe). Upon hearing that their cult had been infiltrated by homicidal cyborgs, they permitted the ship's Explorator to broadcast a virus into the cyborg communication network to cause all cyborgs to begin singing in order to reveal themselves. Simultaneously, the Rogue Trader and Arch-Militant met with the Cardinal to present the bodies of the captured cyborgs and the Seneschal snuck into their reactor core with bombs as insurance. The last session ended with the virus being broadcast, revealing that everyone, including the Cardinal, was a cyborg, and the discovery of the Seneschal by singing security.

Origin Path

The paths that our stalwart heroes walked before arriving aboard the Titanic