Kingmaker Session 11

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Kingmaker Session 10, The Varnhold Vanishing

Varnhold lies deserted with the corpses of an immense spriggan tribe lying in funeral pyres burning brightly in the afternoon light and snow. The people of Varnhold are gone, completely without a sign of struggle.

The town has been picked over, with a good majority of the loot resting with the spriggan leader you have captured. Of note is the fabulous magical longbow Skybolt and Maegar Varn's ancestral sword (the rest we'll lump into the item of "Possessions of Varnhold") and the hastily blood-scrawled word "Nomen" on the door of the tavern. Half of the town still remains unexamined.

The night is cold and eerily quiet as is the case ever since the giant wolf population suffered a sudden decrease last winter. The morning comes with its pale blue light as your cavalry bring word of other horsemen riding cautiously towards Varnhold...

Kingmaker Session 11

As you bravely run away from Vordakai's tomb Blinky regales you with several pet theories (regardless of whether you want to listen or not)

"You know, centaurs are a funny race. Tops of people, bodies of horses. That thing they were talking about eating people, probably not a joke. I mean for people their upper bodies and heads are huge, even compared to Marian, but it has got to be a pain in the ass to eat enough food to sustain that kind of bulk. I got a slightly closer look at one of the lady horses' out of scientific interest and yeah. It's almost better to say they're part bear part horse.

"Also, I don't get how that lady horse is the leader of this tribe of horsefaces. The way they need to eat would indicate extreme omniverous-ness and skill at hunting would be really important for them. And watching them eat a mastodon would be pretty scary."

He pauses for breath.

"Speaking of scary, that Grigori guy we met, what a dick. A hundred men isn't a patrol where I come from it's an army. That being said I'm an elf and you don't usually see elf patrols unless they're making a point, to your face.

"And the thing is, that guy knew you were the king and still hassled you. I think he wants to sleep with you. Or challenge you or something. I'm not really up on your human mating rituals.

"Did you know that instead of three of our magic item slots last month we managed to export 5,000 swords, plate armor, and 20,000 spears through various consortiums that all ended up going north? The big lords are hassling all around for troops around their villages too.

"Oh and lastly, how long are we going to let the religious war go on? I know you humans reproduce quickly but if we don't do something about it soon you won't have a religious hierarchy to go home to.

"Also, this Vordakai guy. Seems like a nice undead cyclops man. By nice I mean I'm currently wetting myself in terror.

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