Jade Regent

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Session 1: enough to hit level 2
Session 2: 1320
Session 3: 2600
Session 4: 1500

Total: 7420


Weapon equivalencies:
Jian (Straight sword, double edged) = Rapier (S/P)
Dao(Curved sword, single edged) = smaller ones are scimitars, larger ones are longswords

The Five Constants

Humaneness: Being a decent person

Righteousness: Do good works

Ritual: Adhere to correct rituals

Knowledge: Learn things.

Integrity: Personal Integrity

Four Confucian Virtues


Filial Piety



Wulin Clans

4 Pillars?

Little Forest Sect: Buddhist, arrogant, "strongest"?

Heaven Sword Alliance: Federation of sword fighters

Eagle Talons: Escort Agency, very powerful

Yun Clan: Frontier horsemen

4 Great societies

Resplendent Pheonix Society: All women, social justice

Beggar Fraternity: beggars, spies, etc.

Falling Leaves: Ancient society. Aristocratic?

Dragon Well Society: Daoist sect, magics?

Unorthodox Factions: Somewhat evil.

Liquid Metal Delegates: Recruited from Orphans, no leadership, no "agenda"?

Southern Dragon Clan:Pirate clan

100 Ghosts Faction: Necromancers? Emo?

Blood Wind Cult: All Female, kinda evil, assassins and guards.

4 Banes: Actually Evil.

Black Lotus Society: Poisoners,

The Fire Doctrine: Buddhists, evil, fire, Gunpowder? Hedonists

Blade Dogs?: New, created by evil dude,

Vile Rain Cult: Ancient cult, bad guys. Wants to blow up the world.

Campaign Goals

  • Evolving equipment: depending on whether many people are using free magic item classes I might try to introduce an evolving magic item system like in Earthdawn (or Weapons of Legacy)--> Flagged Events or situations that are cool enough to be an Event = narrative source of power, ie dragon fighting, epic poetry smackdown etc. Upside comes with a downside. Also magic item DCs should increase with level.
  • Make Tian Xia way less japanese (ie no katanas, most chinese weapons have western analogues), less japanese names
  • Set the entire adventure path in the asian setting, this will require retooling the first 4 adventure books (lol) and resetting PC expectation of being able to rampage around a completely lawless world (at least in the beginning)
  • Encounter design is not going to focus on fairness, and disengages/avoidance should be possible
  • Enhanced narrative sections, less cutscenes.

House Rules

HP is rated at: D6: 4 D8: 5 D10: 7 D12: 8

Fighters get a good will progression.

The agile weapon modifier is bought as a +4000 GP modifier.

Rogues run a full BAB and D10 HP. Rogue items that give bonus to hits are now all under revision.

Session Reports

Caravan Sheet


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