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An adventure combining the Magic: The Gathering world of Innistrad with the Dungeon World system.

These are dark days for the world of Innistrad. The archangel Avacyn, embodiment of hope and guardian of humanity, has vanished. The protective wards that her presence once powered are failing. Her church tries to maintain a front of calm and reassurance, but disturbing rumors run rampant. It is said that the vampires of Stensia have descended from their mountain strongholds to inflict bizarre and bloody rites on the populace of the valleys below. Contact has been lost with entire towns in the forests of Kessig, taken over by werewolves and worse things that prowl the night. Strange monsters assault the towns of seaside Nephalia, unleashed by an array of alchemists and mad scientists eager to prove their mastery of their craft. And in once-stable Gavony, the church's army of cathars has been recalled to the high city of Thraben, leaving the rest of the province to fend for itself against the hordes of restless dead that plague them.

The World of Innistrad (large file)


Introduction to the Innistrad setting

Dungeon World rulebook

Character/Move sheets (Note that this has a couple extra classes that aren't in the basic rulebook)

Cards from the Innistrad Magic set (To get a feeling for the look/language/etc of the setting)


People we have encountered on our search for the Strionic Resonator


  • Flora Mayweather - High Priestess
  • Traft - famous ghost of a demonhunter
  • Ralph Brunner - Mayor
  • Catriona - Musical and magical prodigy, possibly a saviour capable of using the Strionic Resonator

  • Arnwald and Irma the 'Hunters' for the Vampire
  • Demeans - a trio of demons who are jerks

Farbog Swamp

  • Udora - lonely bored Dryad

Character Creation Notes

Standard ability score array as per the rulesbook.

Any class is fine, though a few have some quirks due to the setting. Specifically:

  • Cleric - if Avacyn doesn't fit with how you construct your deity, we'll adapt or create a lesser angel who can fill that role.
  • Druid - When you shapeshift, depending on your form, people are probably going to be concerned that you're a werewolf or a vampire. That's fine, just be aware that this is a thing.

Everyone is (or at least starts as) human, though feel free to take one of the non-human class moves, and we'll make it work.

Bonds we'll work out at the table.

I generally like the default alignment options, but will entertain proposals for something else if none of the ones for your class fit your image of your character.

The default hook for the adventure has the characters being sent on a mission by the Church of Avacyn, so characters who would go on such a quest (at least as freelancers, if not as part of the church) would be ideal.


Deceased or inactive