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Campaign Aspects

The campaign has the following universal meta-aspects that can be assumed to be in effect within every scene of the game. All campaign aspects are based off tropes found within the superhero genre:

1) the Perfect Disguise: Any hero or villain who maintains a "secret identity" can do so by wearing a mask... any mask really, from domino masks that barely cover the eyes, to full face masks.

2) ...?

3) ...?

the Eclectic Eight

Team Aspect: We want to heal Paradise City

Team Resources: 2

Team XP Pool: 4

  • The Eclectic Eight headquarters, vehicles, and other equipment will be built with the Advantage or Ability points purchased from the team's XP Pool.
  • This pool of points will be used to buy ranks in a Team Resources ability as well as purchasing facilities for their headquarters (as outlined in the expert advantage listed below).
  • For more on buying advantages and options for the team base the Vehicles rules are used (as apparently buildings are just great big vehicles.
  • Team XP will be awarded when/if:
    • ... its members express/fulfill their Team Aspect (namely "healing the city").
    • Players contribute creatively to the game experience (eg: helping in session with the mechanics, session recaps, in-character colour wiki-commentary about NPCs etc)

E8 Warehouse

Building Specialty Aspects FP Refresh (3)

Vehicle Aspects tend to answer the following questions:
1. What does it do?
2. Where did it come from?Or in the case of buildings, where is it located?
3. How it is seen by the public?

  • Size 3 (upgraded to 4 due to garage space)
  • Base cost 8

Crew (0)
Maneuverability (n/a)
Structure (4)
Sensors (0)
Speed (n/a)
Systems (4)
Weapons (0)

Structural Stress (7)
System Stress (7)


  • Garage: (3AP transferred from Vehicle Abilities) effectively the "Carrier" advantage. Garage is big enough to hold two Size 2 vehicles or four Size 1 vehicles. The Cost of Warehouse is reduced by -1.
  • Science Lab: (1AP) There is a dedicated science lab within the building. This area is considered a rank 3 science lab.
  • Med-bay: (1AP) A portion of the building has been set aside to tend to the wounded & considered a rank 3 Medical facility.
  • Computer Network: (1AP) The building houses several computer systems available for the team to use. These computers are considered to have a Security rating equal to the building’s Systems Ability + its Size (11). The Vehicle’s Systems rating also grants a bonus on any computer related rolls to perform research or other basic computing tasks.

the Hummingbird

Vehicle Specialty Aspects FP Refresh (2)

1..Futuristic Drop Ship
2.."This bucket of bolts can fly?!"
3..Turns on a dime

  • Size 2 (upgraded to 4 due to garage space)
  • Base cost 6

Crew (0)
Maneuverability (4)
Structure (1)
Sensors (0)
Speed (3)
Systems (1)
Weapons (0)

Structural Stress (3)
System Stress (3)


  • Atmospheric Flight: (2AP) As long as there is air present to provide lift, the vehicle may fly about. When taking this Advantage, make sure one of its Aspects define how the Vehicle flies, be it a fixed wing aircraft, a helicopter, etc. In addition to its ability to fly, this Vehicle has the additional gear required to land, and may move about on the ground in a very limited fashion.
  • VTOL: (1AP) The Vehicle is capable of vertical take‐off and landing. This means the Vehicle may rise and hover in place, not requiring a runway or special launching pad to take to the air. Note that this Advantage is useless by itself. The Vehicle also needs Atmospheric Flight.
  • Optical Camouflage: (1AP) The Vehicle has some way of making itself almost invisible in the visible light spectrum, appearing only as a faintly visible ripple in the air. The Vehicle gains a +2 bonus on rolls to remain unnoticed by the naked eye or standard video equipment.


  • Evil Pharmacorp conglomerate
  • The Russian Mob
  • Evil Aliens who have use nano-robot weapons.
  • The Dragon (Family of Necromancers who have vampires)
  • The SUDERMAN!! (Whose name shall be cursed!)
  • Tony Blair (with rogue MI6 operations)

Previous Adventure

Eclectic 8 cover.jpg

There was a tanker of terrible highly addictive drugs (with terrible side effects, including Lizard Man-ism) that ran aground outside the Paradise City port.

In pursuing our different reasons to stop this, we teamed up and discovered that the drug was part of a conspiracy to addict the denizens of the Gutter to be controlled. We also discovered the cask in which The Gentleman had been stored.

Session 1

So, the debut mission for our heroes came about as they mercilessly beat up a somewhat dilapidated giant robot from the 40s while our fearless leader 'The Swift!' fearlessly checked the rubble of Zern industries and found out that the giant robot was a distraction for another unnamed villain who was going to escape on a semi-invulnerable balloon after stealing some stuff.

Needless to say he was punched within inches of his life and the heroes stole his magic staff and ran away.

A truly auspicious beginning for the Eclectic Eight...


  • Lightning Rod: Other than being a miracle in miniaturization, it has so far proven to be a mystery.
  • Robot Manual: documents from the German military archives had shown that this model of tank-robot had been part of a shipment of Nazi superweapons that were smuggled into America as a fifth column operation that never took shape. Unfortunately due to destroyed, missing and redacted records, the locations of the Nazi super-bunkers and their toys are lost to the world...

Session 2

A new hero is introduced! Captain Sellout! I mean, Maxwell Midas, aka "the Golden-Boy"! He is a walking advertisment board! His only power is Money! His other only power is that he's smart! He might also be the other reasonable person in the party!

Heroes begins with a bank heist masterminded by the Incredible Nippler (actually he was the Snow-Man) with his scientific nipple gun (freeze gun) that makes people's nipples hard (freezes people), and chills the room somewhat. After trouncing him and the rest of his Aereoles (bank robbers) with a light sprinkling of murder, the Eclectic Eight discover that the Nippler (Snow-Man) was trying to steal Powered items that were taken away from villains and ostensibly in the hands of the Paradise City Police (who are unfortunately the PCP, which might explain their incompetence.)

The villain who he was selling this to? The Black Marketeer, a legend in the criminal world who's powers are being smart and having money! Hey wait a minute...

Some government agent lady (that would be Special Agent Charlene Norris of the Bureau of Powered Investigations & Enforcement, assigned as the liaison to the Eclectic Eight) comes in and threatens to turn the Eclectic Eight into supervillains (technically she didn't threaten to make the murdering heroes into villains. She did threaten to uphold the law if you guys didn't rein yourselves in while offering to make those murder charges go away while doing ops for the government). Threatening to ruin superheroes is really a negative way to enforce good behaviour in godlings (okay, she might have made a small threat to the crazy rich man flying buses and the nipple-obsessed-teen-boner-puncher to get their attention about how seriously serious the meeting was). But luckily reason somehow wins out and the party strolls off to the next calamity (not of their own making)

Then bad news strikes. Ridiculous normals who form the apparently trans-humanist army (that would be the "Army of Man") of Doctor Diabolical (the villain who was neatly crippled in our first adventure) have taken hostage the entire hospital looking for some other stupid normal. Mooks were trounced, one reasonable person almost mortally wounded, the other reasonable person on the roof of the hospital with an army of mercenaries in gorilla suits.... hmm, might have to take away Midas' reasonable card for that.

And that's where it ends! Some one (that would be Pauly & the Swift) is fighting a giant laser man, the others (that would be Kid Punch, Mr McShea, Rouse & Victorbot) face off against an uncrippled Doctor Diabolical. How will the Eclectic Eight permanently maim this guy again? What will happen to the giant laser? And why the hell is there a gorilla army armed with AK's on the roof of the hospital? Who knows, lets find out in the next session of Heroic Age Comics Presents...

Eight Heroes, Sixteen Fists, Two Faces.

Session 3

2 Faces 16 Fists Ecelctic 8.jpg

The Eclectic Eight are closing in on the dastardly and despicable Dr. Diabolical. The fiend escaped the hospital through the underground tunnels below the city while the Eight were engaged with his minions. A new hero named Go-Girl with lightning powers also made an appearance at the hospital (call us! ;-)) After discovering Dan Abnett had died of a massive and suspicious seizure, the Eight made tracks and returned to their lair to rest, regroup, and track down some leads.

It seems that Dr. Diabolical is after a group of scientists and engineers that worked on a super-secret project at Tomorrow Tech. After consulting with Agent Norris and a Lizardman acquaintance named "The Investi-Gator" (or Tom) we determined a way to track the evil Doctor's gadgets once he powers them up. This led us to his next target, Jean, an engineer currently employed at the advanced chimpanzee habitat Monkey Island.

The heroes attacked, and it seemed that Dr. Diabolical was slightly less prepared this time for the heroes. He had, however, rigged the school group he had taken hostage with collars that drove the chimps mad with rage. None of the children were harmed (much) in the rescue, and Jean was rescued alive. With luck, he will hold some of the answers to the questions the Eight have!

Join us in four weeks! Same heroic time, same heroic channel!

Welcome to Paradise City!

Where the grass is green and the folks are pretty!
Oh yes indeed, you should make this place home!

Paradise City is a major metropolitan city on the east coast of the United States (that is totally not New York City… though for all intents and purposes it’s totally New York City, except it totally is not). In Astro-City style I plan to pepper the place’s names after comic book creators and industry inside jokes (like Kirby Ave being a major east/west thoroughfare that takes one from the east-side/Marvel-inspired part of town to the west-side/DC-inspired part of town). I also feel that it’s important for the players to add their own details which will be generated in the first session.

Notes for Paradise City

  • Mayor is generally trying to do what's best for the city, but has limited power to oppose the evil corporate interests.
  • Hopeful Tomorrow - good Sanitarium, there is also an dark Arkham-style sanitarium for super villains
  • There's a Russian mob/Vampire mob war
  • There is a community of Transhumans, some of who are failed super-hero accidents. They live underground and are unaligned.
  • Freemasons have secret tunnels throughout the city - they have little cars and generate conspiracies. They have a Tabloid-style paranoia newspaper


  • The transhuman underground
  • The Corporate interests have their massive compounds just outside of the city
  • The Gutters - slums where the exploited immigrants live. Many of these immigrants are from the UK due to Tony Blair's villainy
  • Police Department - they are corrupt
  • Monkey Island - Domed island owned by Tomorrow Tech that is a habitat for retired lab chimps

People Past & Present

  • Tomorrow Man & Tomorrow Tech
  • the Vangaurdians: Freedom Fighter, the Black Knight, the Mystery Man

Character Building

For the sake of cleanliness, everything pertaining to character creation, including Aspect, Ability descriptions, and Character Advancement information, has been moved to it's own linked page. {{#set: status=active}}

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Eclectic 8 - Session 4.jpg
Founding Members
The Gentleman An engineered super-diplomat, with aspirations towards the rebirth of the Empire.
Kid Punch A kid, who punches things. Is also incidentally psychic.
Mark "The Mighty" McShea Disgraced ex-boxer trying to turn his life around (Ben).
Pauly Siloxane Massive post-accident dermal reconstruction left him with synthetic super-skin and a huge anti-post-humanist chip on a his shoulder.
Rouse Rule-bending detective turned super-suit vigilante. Played by Jason
The Swift A scientist who inadvertently gained the power of flight.
VictorBot the sentient alien probe learning to be human.
Wingnut a psychiatric outpatient who uses superheroism as therapy, and wears a winged harness to fly.