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The great continent of the Flanaess
Better Map (Warning 4MB)

First session 7-07-2013

What the World needs now

The Flanaess needs Heroes, but it's got more Adventurers than it knows what to do with. The War of the Pomarj erupted ten years ago, mobilizing the armies of the entire continent. The war lasted five years, displacing thousands of humans and demihumans far from their homelands. When an uneasy peace was finally attained, a large population of highly trained and armed men and women were suddenly cut adrift with no real home and a shaky allegiance to whichever land they found themselves in.

This has given rise to enormous problems. Armed bands of former soldiers have turned to banditry, or cheap mercenaries for the petty feuds of minor nobles. Racial tensions have increased, as Dragonborn, Tieflings and Half-orcs find themselves traveling through lands that used to be predominately human, and Dwarves and Elves no longer have a common enemy to bind them together restoring their historical grudge.

Player Characters

Jason, Garris Deepborn the Dwarven hammer Warden
Jonathan. Borghild Stonereaver Dwarven Priestess of Delleb, exile and reluctant adventurer; Luang of the Red Wrath, The Lizard King (deceased)
Prince, Berling Stronginthearm, Dwarven Knight of the Gran March; Hadrian of Silver Lake, human scholar turned wizard (deceased)
Ben, Carlo, a human monk
Alex Jolly Goodfellow, A drow thief
Eric Orsik Tumblestone, A Halfling Rune Priest
Winston Steiger, the Crying Hand
Aaron Daelon, an elven archer


The City of the Dead

You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

Gloomwrought is a city that exists on the edge. Its existence, and the livelihood of its denizens, depends on its connections to both the Prime Material, the Shadowfel, and the Astral Sea.

Shadar-kai and the Shadowborn

The Raven Queen

The Deathless Watch

The Deathless Palace

The Port

The Markets

NPC Allies

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Player Support

Treasure Tracking Sheet

Common Item list

Here is the Greyhawk Item Request page.

And because I don't know where else to put it, here is the Stealth rules summary

XP Budget spreadsheet

Character tracking sheet

Monster Hit point tracking sheet

Rituals listing

HUGE Online Greyhawk map

History of the Party

Caverns of Thracia

The Naga of Orlane

Session Records

Greyhawk After Action Report

The way we were - A brief history

The Free City of Greyhawk is the most powerful single political entity of the Flanaess, and is located in the centre of the continent. For over one hundred years it was ruled by its Lord Mayor the Archmage Xagyg, who (among his other mayoral duties) spent decades and untold resources constructing the Castle of Greyhawk, the dungeons of which are said to delve all the way to the very heart of the world.

On the 112th anniversary celebration of his coronation, Xagyg announced that he intended to ascend to godhood and then promptly disappeared in a burst of magical energy, never to be seen again. This left a power vacuum in the City itself, but also the continent as a whole. This started the War of the Pomarj.

A short timeline of the war

  • CY566: After over a century of ruling the City of Greyhawk as Lord Mayor, Xagyg ascends to demigodhood leaving the position vacant.
  • CY568: Electors in Greyhawk continue to argue and are unable to name a replacement.
  • CY569: The evil humanoids of the Pomarj are united under Gak'Thun and attack the lands surrounding Greyhawk no longer protected by Xagyg's magic. Opportunistic kingdoms attempt to use the chaos to seize lands for themselves.
  • CY570: The demon Iuz is freed from his prison under Castle Greyhawk and returns to his empire to mobilize for war, opening up a northern front. Out of desperation the electors reach a compromise, and Toman Hellar is elected Lord Mayor and Protector of Greyhawk.
  • CY571: Facing the now well-organized resistance, Gak'Thun's forces begin to strike further afield. Defense of the heartland of the Empire of Keoland is defeated with shocking ease.
  • CY572: The dwarves of Ulek and the Elves of Celene join the fighting, relieving the pressure on Greyhawk.
  • CY573: Gak'Thun is killed, leaving the vast armies of evil humanoids leaderless. They are mostly pacified but the armies are not destroyed, leaving the Pomarj and the Wild Coast overrun.
  • CY574: Iuz' armies are thrown back, and peace returns.
  • CY575: Armies dissolve but those trained for fighting find it hard to adjust to peace, and thousands of people are far from home or have no home to go back to.
  • CY579: Now! There have been four years of uneasy peace, since the end of the war.

Character Creation Guidelines

  • Races limited to PHB 1 or 2 (or the first two Essentials books, Heroes of the Fallen Lands and Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms).
  • For classes, powers and feats, all books are available except for Setting specific books (Eberron, Neverwinter, etc) or Planes specific books (Heroes of Feywild, Elemental Chaos, Shadow).
  • No Backgrounds or Themes.
  • When choosing Trained Skills, your first choice can be any skill (not necessarily from your class list)
  • When choosing languages, you may choose one additional one from: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Giant, Goblin.
  • Using inherent bonuses

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