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So eventually I'd like to run a FATE Fantasy game, or rather at least build one. Going with a skeleton to build on I figured the Escaflowne world would be a good basis for stuff as it provides something I'd like to see, that being an anime fantasy, and also giant fantasy mecha which I really enjoy.

We'll be generating the setting in the manner of a mini-game/session affair much like the Dresden thing. This game will use Legends of Anglerre or Strands of FATE depending on which I find less impenetrable. I'll be providing some setting info but I figured that it might help with immersion if everyone has a *thing* they have worked on/written/thought of in the setting. Hopefully what can come out of it will be a hodgepodge setting that other people can use for their games if a fantasy thing is needed.

One other really interesting tool that Legends of Anglerre does is the idea of "future aspects" which basically is a character arc that you decide on. While I won't go so far as to cajole and badger people into having on at the start, the mechanic is a pretty good one for defining characters and essentially shaping your "leveling up" in FATE. I'll provide some sample future aspects for use as well.

Genre: Anime Action Fantasy
Theme: The rise of legends.

Synopsis: The land of Gaea is a place full of dragons, giant robots, magic and intrigue. Build your mythos as you traverse the lands, trouncing monsters, giant robots and the machinations of evil politicians.

Things I want are as follows:
High Fantasy Action
Large scale combat
Laser Dinosaurs
Italian Gunslinger City-States
Mysterious Wizard Jerks

Future Aspects


Arianna Flannigan

Earth Atlantis

Gaea Asgard Mystic Valley Gate of Atlantis

Asturia Asturia Bay Asturia Lighthouse Chatal Mountains Floresta Mountains Frontier Zone Castelo Fort Floating Rock Zone Palas Meifia (Bridge) Rampant Port Rang Cavern





Fanelia Arzas Dragon's Valley Fanelia Castle Irini

Freid Fortona Temple Godashim Asturia Imperial Villa

Zaibach Energist Mine

Dimensional Gap Ispano