Endless Skies

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“If the stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore; and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown! But every night come out these envoys of beauty, and light the universe with their admonishing smile.” - Emerson

   Turning and turning in the widening gyre
   The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
   Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
   Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
   The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
   The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
   The best lack all conviction, while the worst
   Are full of passionate intensity.
   Surely some revelation is at hand;
   Surely the Second Coming is at hand.
   The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out
   When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi
   Troubles my sight: a waste of desert sand;
   A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
   A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
   Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
   Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.
   The darkness drops again but now I know
   That twenty centuries of stony sleep
   Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
   And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
   Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born? 


Galactic civilization died six hundred years ago. Whatever happened destroyed the jumpgate network which was the lifeblood of the Human Federation and fractured the systems into fiefdoms of pirates and warlords. Now, new civilizations are rising out of the ashes of the old.

You are members of Pathfinder Inc., an Archeo-survey company specializing in the recovering pre-cataclysm artifacts and selling them for exorbitant amounts of money.

Right now you're on a survey site facing irritated primitives who think you are defiling their god.

It's going to be an interesting day.

The system war is over before it started. The Pathfinder Corporation, piracy aside has been instrumental in resolving the situation with a minimum of bloodshed discovering a long term infiltration of Halladian political circles by assassin droids. Taking control of the Orithyian shipyard by way of an EVA meteor assault they find their place at the table of the newly formed Zebramani Federation, along with the PANDORA AI, who is currently the controller of the shipyard.

Over the course of the next three years (651-654) the Pathfinder Corp leads the way of the resettlement of the people on Vikriti and Halladis to the near infinite space on the shipyard while they coax the inhabitants of Orithyia proper into understanding that space is not evil, and the cloaked ones are now gone (as far as anyone knows).

Some of the people of Echepolos and Jorunn also relocate to the orbital ring with the people of Jorunn getting slightly displaced by the Hel encroachment into their system with their seemingly rapacious search for special chemicals present in the megafauna of their world. The integration of five disparate societies, including that of the former prisoners of the shipyard is an ongoing and arduous process but it's helped by the growing concerns about the rest of the threats in the sector, like the now fled Hallidian navy and whomever spent an absurd amount of TL5 pretech to infiltrate Halladis and steer them to wage war on Vikriti.

As general troubleshooters and the people most qualified to traverse the spikelanes the Pathfinder Corporation takes the lead in a refitted pretech scout cruiser, salvaged from the Orithyian yards. What will they find in the greater universe outside their starcluster, and will they be able to manage their federation to face whatever comes against them.

Let's find out.

Game Premise

I want to run a 4x style game where you are part of a corporation that goes out and changes the way the sector works.

To resolve the issues in Star Wars I think we have to divide the narration time between 2 characters, one your away team/marines/pilot characters, and the other being your faction level characters who's involved in the politics and economics behind your shooting PC's adventures. I think this is the most reasonable way to structure this, plus since the statting up of characters is fairly light it should mean restatting new shooting PCs for when you die isn't too annoying.

Other than that we can discuss the other framework issues and core components.

Main Cultures

This is an archive of the various races and other human cultures you've met.




Leader: Li Zhuang, Federation Board member.

People of a predominantly Asian rootstock, these people were stuck inside their world which features extensive underground bunkers until 80 years ago when the locks on the external ports were released. Generally inexperienced in interstellar affairs people of the Pathfinder Corporation, based on Vikriti were instrumental in stopping a system war and generally setting the Zebramani system back to relative order.

Strengths: Pathfinder Corporation
Weaknesses: weak leadership


Leader: Nigel Cromington, Federation Board member.

The people of Halladis, unlike many of the other cultures forming the Federation are a democratic, fairly peaceful culture who's only big military venture got sidetracked by killer golden skeleton assassin droids. In the years postwar their culture has maintained a very pacifist stance in regards to interactions with the external universe and they provide the conscience to the Federation, along with a lot of economic know how.

Strengths: diplomacy, trading
Weaknesses: pseudo-pacifists

Orithyia Orbital Ring

Leader: FRIEND_COMPUTER AI, Federation Board member, well sort of. (manic, obsessed with limbs)

This is the megastructure where many of the people in Zebramani live. It is an orbital ring, presumably TL5 pretech, 1 km thick, 5 km wide orbiting 30,000 km from the world itself that is an immense shipyard that with enough technical expertise and crew would be able to construct an armada beyond any of the understandings of modern postech space navy. It was formerly controlled by some kind of gen-engineered psychic. Now the salvaged Jorunnian AI (former Mandate Space Navy) has been slotted in as the controller of the Shipyard with severe control limitations because no one trusts the somewhat manic AI with wholesale control of the pretech structure.

The ring was formerly inhabited by the Controller faction, a group of hooded people, humans who were responsible for the use of the Thogg technology which turned humans into programmable and controllable bioroids. These people have seemingly fled the ring after the Pathfinder Corp's meteor assault.

Also inhabiting the ring were groups of Orithyians taken as slaves by the Controllers and placed into city sized holding pens for reasons unknown.

Strengths: Largest structure in Sector, Possibly near infinite production capability
Weaknesses: AI is a bit "weird", structure is damaged


Orithiya proper is a world from the story books. It is a high Terran class world capable of sustaining life for the billions of human beings who live there currently who lived in fear of the Orbital ring and the Controllers who would fairly regularly send down shuttles to take people and destroy any technology that would allow the people to progress into proper TL4 situations. They are fearful of space dwellers in general, but represent a limitless source of actual people, if you could get them to actually like space, and also uplift them properly to TL4.

Strengths: Gaia class world with billions of inhabitants with which to conquer the sector
Weaknesses: they hate space.

  • 7 major powers
    • Most powerful is Germania




Leader: Chief Lars Norrson, Federation Navy Admiral

The people of the arctic world of Echepolos, these people are gen-engineered soldier types who are big, blonde, and somewhat unimaginative. Culturally they have been reduced to a tribal culture integrated with old Mandate military culture. They however have been instrumental in the construction of the Zebramani Federation's navy and make excellent naval officers/crew.

Their world is some kind of arctic hellhole that was being used by the Mandate military as some kind of cold storage. It has very few high order creatures living on it with the exception of several kinds of xeno-whales and squids and a creature that resembles a larger and more primitive version of the Hel.

Strengths: Militaristic society, physically very strong, tolerant of tight conditions
Weaknesses: Tribal society.




Leader: Gundars Quoli, Federation Naval Admiral

Humans adapted to the highly radioactive 1.75G world of Jorunn these people lived in fortified city states and constantly fought off attacks from insane megafauna being accidentally generated by PANDORA as it tried to call Mandate military control using the wrong devices. These people seem somewhat primitive but are well versed in the use and maintenance of heavy weaponry, and the creation and use of high level military biotech. All of the Jorunnians seemingly have a lust for battle, but that could just be a side effect of their combat stim use and their culture of fighting giant radioactive monsters.



Equipped with a starport

Campa Bollo

Hatto Ariba

Hosted Haldis pirates

Ingigerd (Sabbah IV)


Hellians (Alien)

Snake People

Leader: Main: unknown, Splinter faction: Station manager Bob, formerly of Space Clan

Native to the world of Ingigerd (Sabbah IV) these creatures are large amphibious snake creatures featuring a core snake like torso on which 6-16 snake headed tentacles provide manipulation capabilities. The average Hellian creature is 14ft long from snout to tail, weighs 1300 lbs and has 6 manipulator heads though the creatures in the military can be significantly bigger and may have more heads (see Autopsy Report).

Size seems to be a sign of status among these creatures. They seem to have a very strict taboo around the discussion of their breeding practices which itself seems rigorously controlled by their leading faction. This may have been broken as apparently some of the chemicals present in the Jorunnian megafauna act on their biology in regards to reproduction. Currently a splinter faction of the Space clan has established a huge space station orbiting Jorunn and with the assistance of the remaining Jorunnians extract these chemicals from the megafauna.

They seem to be a fully functional space faring race with an actual military, though their specific TL and scale is unknown.





This is the highly radioactive world in the Unn sector. Their level and scale of technology is unknown except that they could field nuclear armed starfighters. The people of the world seem fairly paranoid and consider themselves "the Children of the Atom" whatever that means.

A member of the Pathfinder corporation thought it was a good idea to throw down several tons of a seaweed that absorbs heavy metals and radioactives harvested from Ingigerd. Time will tell if that was a good idea.





Desert world with low-tech nomads.




Psionic academy


Warlords vs crazy psychics


Stat system is a takeoff of the AI generation rules. We'll set this at "Heroic" so you get 20 points for stats but can pick your class.

Corporation members are 7th level (they skipped ahead of the curve for faction generation, but are also out of their depth)

Your away team characters are 1st level with max HP for your class. You should be either a warrior or psychic with this character. (Jason's advice: buy a bloody Lazarus Patch! Your teammates will thank you).

Stat point buy
Stat Value Modifier Point Cost
3 -2 0
7 -1 1
12 0 3
14 +1 5
18 +2 7

Leveling up Skills (Home-Ruled)

  • No change to level 1 starting rules
  • Gain skill points per your class (+2/level, or +3/level for experts). You can bank skill points as you level up
  • For level-ups, you are bound by the maximum skill levels on page 64 of the core book
  • To train a class skill (see the list of class skills on page 17/19/21 core book), pay +1 point per level up, including one point to go from untrained to level 0
  • To train an Other (outside-class) skill, pay +2 points per level up, including 2 points to go from untrained to level 0
  • Ex: A warrior wants to train Energy Weapons, a class skill. Untrained->0 is 1 point, Untrained->2 is 3 skill points, Level 1->2 is 1 skill point
  • Ex: An expert wants to train Energy Weapons, not a class skill. Untrained->0 is 2 points, Untrained->2 is 6 skill points, Level 1->2 is 2 skill points

The Pathfinder Corporation

The Pathfinder Corporation was founded by a group of intrepid adventurers in the wake of their victory against a system spanning pirate organization and seizing of many of it's assets. Their stated goal is to bring back the light of civilization to the rest of the sector through the sale of survey information to potential colonists and governments but they fund this philanthropic endevour by finding and looting pretech items for their own use and sale.

Faction Stats

Homeworld: Vikriti, Zebramani System

HP: 8

Force: 1
Cunning: 1
Wealth: 2

Corporate Holdings :2
Ship: Frigate

Faction Assets

Corporation Members (PCs)


The leaders of the Pathfinder Corp (formerly the Guiding Hands society) are a strange bunch who rose to prominence through a mixture of violence, bribery, corruption and flagrant heroics.

This will be the viewpoint character anytime the scope of the scene goes back to stuff affecting the Pathfinder Society.

  • Jon: John Howard, Lvl 7 NPC Expert. Incredibly charismatic but incredibly short sighted, John Howard is the business visionary behind the foundation of Pathfinder. Unfortunately in all other senses other than business he's somewhat of a liability due to his impulsiveness and weakness for vice. (Not to be confused with John Howard from a previous campaign).
  • Prince: TBD
  • Mike: Rush Zanedi, A gung-ho adventurer excited to see new worlds and bring civilization to the peoples out in the dark
  • Jason: Soong Nuwa Expert elderly tight-fisted business maven with criminal contacts
  • Ben: TBD
  • Aaron: TBD
  • Russ: TBD

The Away Team

The grunts who get their hands dirty.

Former/Deceased Members: No one yet.


  • $1.6MM credits free cash
  • 0.5MM credits of drugs
  • 10 tons of weapons
  • 48 TL5 Laser rifles (infinite ammo, indestructible)
  • 1 hand held AV laser.
  • Pieces of mystery invulnerable metal from Habboi Ariba (Planet Center #2 of Jorunn, Alia)
  • 10 tons of radioactives (industrial)
  • Service contracts for the guns in Charleroi (Planet Center #1 of Jorunn, Alia)


Endless Skies Vehicles

As per the errata standard starship endurance is 1 month, not 2 weeks.


Weight of Conscience (Frigate)
This vessel was captured by the founders of the Pathfinder Corporation from pirates some years ago. To fit in with local regulations the main battery was removed, though the fitting still exists. The ship has since been converted into a long ranged survey ship

Weapons: Multi-focal laser (M1;P5) 1d4, AP20
Defenses: Hardened Polyceramic Armor (M2)

Fittings: Ship's Locker, Atmospheric Configuration (M2), Drive-2 (M2;P2), Fuel Scoops (M2;P2), Survey Sensor Array (M1;P2), Extended Stores (M2), 40 tons Cargo Space (M2)

Speed: 2 Armor: 10 HP: 40/40 Crew: 10/40 (20) AC: 13 Power: 11/15 Free Mass: 14/15 Hardpoints: 1/6
Total Cost: 4,395,000 Operating Cost: 2200/day Maintenance Cost: 219,750 Last Maintenance:


From the facebook page errata image, I hate looking at an image for text.

Recommended base duration for Life support for a ship is 1 month.

A stabilized PC can get back up at 1HP after 10 minutes of "rest".

People who are surprised can't act in the surprise round...

Initial Psi points are 1+ highest mod (CON or WIS)

Grenades do 2D6 damage not 2D8

Burst bonus is +2 to hit and damage

Emissions dampner adds +3 to the difficulty of locating a ship

Expert systems and Bots, default movement should be 20 meters.


Stars without number map index.png

Systems of Note

Zebramani - 0206

Alia - 0205

Sabbah - 0105

Trishna - 0103

Unn - 0204

Richa - 0406

Niral - 0305


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