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New FATE campaign starting up 2008-02-23

This is the real world. The world you know. You feed your dog, you go to work. If you're lucky you have a nice guy or girl waiting for you when you get home. Then you go to sleep, and you leave this world for another. Your physical body stays where it is, but your mind goes traveling.
Normally things stay sane. Your job and your dog and your boyfriend are all in the real world, and the glowing red eyes and the infinite staircases are in your dreams. But what you don't know is that the border between the two worlds is wearing thin. Things are leaking through. Creatures you thought were safely tucked away in your subconscious are showing up in Queen's Park. People are going missing, and showing up in strangers' dreams.
Now you don't know what to think. You fear you're going crazy. You're getting yourself addicted to uppers to try to stay awake, and to keep from having to face the darkness in your dreams. You are haunted by the faces of the people stuck there, of the horrors they face constantly. You don't know how any of this could be happening -- and you're not even sure it is.
At the end of the day, you still need to leave work, come home to your dog, pay the bills and eat your dinner. But you'll never think of sleeping the same way again.

Dream/Wake is a new FATE campaign co-GMed by Dave and Jon. It's part Don't Rest Your Head, part Changeling, with some of the early hints dropped from Dresden Files thrown in. The narrative spans the real world -- modern-day Toronto -- and the Nevernever, sinister land of dreams, spirits and faerie.


Note to players: feel free to use the Dream/Wake Character Template as a framework for your character page --Dave
  • Alex B: Father Patty O'Shenanigan, in many ways a stereotypical Irish Catholic priest, has a dark and troubled past.
  • Alex R: Enoch Root is an insurance accounts adjuster from the southern US with a dark and troubled past. He believes he is being hunted by the biblical Cain.
  • Mike S: Officer Theodore "Theo" Wilson is a beat cop in the Toronto PD with a dark and troubled past.
  • Eric Z: Jennifer Jillet is a small-town farmer's daughter with a dark and troubled past who moved to Toronto to become a PhD student studying bees.
  • Prince: Markus "Möbius" Mandelev is a theoretical nuclear physicist from Sarajevo with a dark and troubled past, who moved to North America just before the collapse of the former Yugoslavia.
  • Jon: [insert name here] is a rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth, who grew up bored and spoiled in Rosedale. While racing his Rice Rocket at the Bloor viaduct he crashed, and although he sustained relatively minor injuries he slipped into a coma and has not woken up in weeks.
  • Dave: Salam Chowdhury is a marketing director for Pfizer with a dark and troubled past. He is terrified of the things that await him in his dreams, and so constantly medicates himself to stay awake, regardless of the effects that has on his health and sanity.


New! there is now a game map being put together. Please feel free to suggest additions.

The following is a collection of aspects placed on the setting during the character creation session

Toronto and environs

  • Rosedale: [High-End Hijinx], [Street Racing is Cool]
  • Scarborough: [Mosaic of Belief]
  • North York: [Our Lady Of Perpetual Moaning, Catholic Old Boy's Club] (seminary where Patrick studied)
  • Guelph: [Rural Wasteland of Guelph] (Jennifer's home town)
  • Kensington Market: ["Green Produce", organic food store and money launderers]
  • Bloor Viaduct: [Thinning Veil]
  • Mt. Sinai Hospital: [Death stalks the halls]
  • Avian research lab at University of Guelph: [Sex, Science and Starcraft]

Other Locations

  • Verdun, borough of Montreal: [Rough and Tumble] (where Patrick grew up)
  • Enoch's hometown in South Carolina: ["We's jus' simple folk here"]
might I suggest Prosperity, SC? It's near the Kraft plant in Newberry. Dave
  • New York City: [NYU Gives You Nightmares]
  • Sarajevo and former Yugoslavia: [Displaced Soldiers of the Cold War] (where Markus is from)

Companies and Organizations

  • University of Toronto: [University of Torture]
  • Toronto Mental Health Network: [Bureaucratic Incompetence]
  • Pfizer Canada: [Experimental Sleep Research] (company Salam works for)
  • Church of St. Otis: [Unfriendly Congregation]
  • Network of CEOs and corporation boards: [A Game of Pawns]
  • [ The Book Club ], a network of collectors of rare American mythology
  • [Green Produce], a grocery store/money launderer in Toronto's Chinatown
  • Toronto Metro Police: [Masonic Influences]


  • [Thinning of the Veil]
  • [Messengers of The Kingdom Coming]

Game play

The Story So Far

Character Creation Session

Feb 23, 2008

We are introduced to the protagonists of our story, and we are told the story of how they all share a horrific nightmare.

Character creation was done in five phases. Each phase generates one aspect on the character and one aspect on the Setting. The five aspects are:

  1. Childhood: this covers approximately the first half of the character's life. Since some of the characters are in their forties and fifties, this is not "childhood", strictly speaking.
  2. First Nightmare: at some point the character had a horrific nightmare that affected them so deeply they can still feel remnants of its effect today.
  3. Adulthood: the character's career and adult life -- this extends until the present day.
  4. Regrets: This phase describes an episode in the character's life that they regret more than anything -- not just bad things that happened, but bad choices that the character made.
  5. Big Nightmare: at about 5AM on Wednesday, February 20th, 2008, a massive fire ripped through a block of Queen Street. At the same time, seemingly dozens of people shared a frightening, haunting nightmare. What each character saw in the nightmare, and what each character took from it, is unique. But nobody escaped unshaken.

Session 1: Chain of Events

Apr 13, 2008

See the Dream/Wake Timeline for more background.

Sunday, April 13th: One of Father Pat's parishioners comes to him with a dilemma: her son Oscar killed himself recently, and she believes that he was possessed by a demon -- would he please find out the truth and let her know that Oscar isn't headed for damnation? The Father agrees to do what he can, but makes it clear that if Oscar was guilty of suicide, he will certainly burn in the fires of Hell for all eternity.

Officer Wilson gets an email describing the case of Oscar Kim from a colleague in the North York precinct, saying "I know you like all this X-Files shit." Wilson hooks up with Father Pat to look into it. They wind up interviewing a close friend of Oscar's, who tells them Oscar told her he'd seen a homeless guy get run over a week ago, at the York Mills/DVP interchange.

Going downtown, they meet up with Salam Chowdhury, who has a delivery of drugs for Theo. They discuss the case, and decide to put effort into researching the strange death of Oscar Kim.