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Please put item requests here, including source and rules text. Thanks.

Ildaz Fyume

Rings. Equipment for arms, waist. Wands with powers. Rituals. Alchemical items.

Specifics ideas (bolded are most wanted):

  • Wand of Aptitude (AV2 L10) Daily Minor grant allies +2 to skill for encounter
  • Master's Wand of Static Shock (Eberon Players Guide L4) allows enounter use of Artificer's at-will
  • Master's Wand of Dire Radiance (AV L3) allows encoutner use warlock power
  • Second copies of at-will wizard wands: Flame Wand, Master's Wand of Ray of Front/Thunderweave (all Adventure's Vault L3)
  • Cloak of Distortion +2 (AV L9) defense vs ranged attacks, or Medic's Amulet +2 (AV2 L9) healing powers grant save vs ongoing dmg, or Deep Pocket Cloak +2 (AV2 L7) allows carrying lots of items at once
  • Gloves of Venom (Dragon 367 L8) turn next arcane into poison attack +1d6 dmg, or later Shadowfell gloves (PHB L16 +2d6 necrotic)
  • Flame Bracers (AV L13) +1d10 fire on crit +2d6 fire daily OR Braces of Escape (Dragon 365 L7) daily interrupt teleport:2 on melee hit OR Bracers of Mental Might (AV L6) encounter use int/wis/cha instead of str for roll OR Bracers of Radiant Storm (Resist:5 radiant & lightning)
  • Alchemical Failsafe (waist, Dragon 386 L6) can stow an alchemical item and use it for free when second wind OR Potion Bandolier (AV2 L8) can stow 6 potions and retrieve as free action OR Healers Sash (AV L11) daily one ally spends surge so other player heals
  • Misc. Wonderious items like sun gloves, convenient fire starters, etc. would be fun and in-character

I think Ildaz can probably craft most of these by rituals unless the DM think's it unbalancing?

That's a lot of items there. I'm offering two at-level items for the moment, so please decide what you want the items to do first. (In other words, the list is too long for me to make a decision about.) You can craft any common item (not uncommon or rare) with Enchant Magic Item. Note that you would need to visit an elven market to get residuum (to make items with) or to buy any uncommon or rare items. The PCs have a huge amount of money "banked" with the dwarves of Ledopolos so cost isn't really the issue. (The dwarves can craft weapons and armor, but they have very few spellcasters, so they'd direct you to the elven markets. Every major city in the Tablelands has one. Prince (Speak) 10:50, 2 July 2013 (EDT)
The wand of aptitude and flame bracers are fine. (We already have a cloak of distortion in the party, and I'm getting leery of defense-boosting items.)

Jorann, Defender of the Meek

Three requests:

Healer's Sash

Level 11+ Uncommon

This magic sash resists staining by blood or gore—a testament to its latent restorative power.

Lvl 11 9,000 gp Lvl 21 225,000 gp

Waist Slot

Utility Power (Healing) Daily (Minor Action)

Effect: Close burst 5 (you and one ally in the burst, or two allies in the burst). One of the targets loses a healing surge, and then the other target regains hit points equal to his or her healing surge value.

Healer's Shield

Level 10

Power (Healing) Daily (Free Action)

Use this power when you or an ally within line of sight regains hit points. You or the ally regains hit points equal to the maximum possible result of the healing effect and also regains hit points equal to your Wisdom or Charisma modifier, whichever is higher. Level 20: Double your ability modifier when determining the additional healing granted by this item.

Symbol of Shared Healing

Power (Healing) Daily (Free Action)

Trigger: You use your second wind, or you use a power that allows you to spend a healing surge to regain hit points.

Effect: One ally within 5 squares of you can spend a healing surge.

Healer's sash and symbol of shared healing are fine. (I can only give two.)

Finn Sky-Breaker

Generally More Damage Items

Strikeback Gauntlets (AV, lvl 10) Encouter Melee basic response attack if you get hit., +1 to opportunity attacks.

That's also a new item as I'm otherwise festooned with gear being one of the original chars (though I suspect I don't have more gear than people now)

Marauder's Hide Armor +3 (PHB, lvl 12) MOAR BETTAR SAVES.

Couters of Second Chance: (Paragon, AV, lvl 15) Reroll attack with a +2, daily

Vanguard Greataxe +3: Otherwise I'd have to roll 3d6 for crit damage, vs 3d8?

Boots of the Mighty Charge: (Dragon 381, lvl 10) Use an at will or encounter melee or close melee as part of a charge. Its hax at level 13, but I like hulk jumping places.

Horned Helm: (PHB, lvl 16) +2d6 on charge damage.

Gauntlets of Brutality: (AV2, lvl 17) +5 damage when hitting a prone enemy with a melee attack.

Belt of Sonnilor Might: (Drag 385, Paragon level 16.) Gives you 20 DR while under 0 HP. Its kind cheesy, but awesome.

I could perhaps use a thundergod weapon instead of a vanguard, but I don't know if that is the right play yet. Also again I think Thundergod comes into play around 16.

The rest of my items mature at 16th level I think.

+3 vanguard greataxe (I think that makes your crit 2d12 + 3d6 + max) and +3 marauder's hide armor (you need to beef up that low Will defense)


I think I'm good for right now. I've got Lvl 13 orb, Lvl 9 armor, lvl 2 boots and lvl 7 head slot.

Next item I'm aiming for is: Ring of Mental Power, lvl 14, PH3. It's effectively an extra power point per encounter, and a reroll on an augmented power as a daily after we hit a milestone.

Also, with the removal of the augment 2 on Dishearten, I am much less charisma reliant, so I'd like to look into the possibility of rejiggering my stats just a little (-1 cha, -1 con +3 wis, I think) so that I have a positive wisdom mod, and switching my orb to: Orb of the Peerless Artist, PH3, which essentially gives a once per encounter use of the Spell Accuracy feat, letting me omit squares from an AoE attack equal to my wis mod.

+3 orb of peerless artist is fine (switching out the old item). The ring of mental power is slightly high level, but I'll see if I can give it to an NPC for you later. (As in, take it from them. Violently.)
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