Capes, Crusades, Escapades

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intro story

New York New York

In universe X, some of the greatest superheroes are in town reguarding the UN trial of Doctor Vicivi, The greatest supervillain in the world.

The Great Seven, watch for various reasons. For a redneck, a reality TV show in person is the greatest thing since a Twinkie Wiener Sandwich, for a Devil's Accountant, the opportunity to reap a powerful soul is always nice, and of course some people are just there out of a good sense of the dramatic.

Because when something this big is afoot, you know something bigger is a step behind.

And high in the sky, a flaming wreck descends. Great hunks of some terrible behemoth parting and crashing into the sea, the land, and even the building courtyard.

Moments later, chaos holds sway, and an otherworldly threat is presented again.

Little demons are gnawing on heads, A giant robot is crashing down 42nd street Super powered people in black suits are on a mad search And zombies, gosh are there a lot of zombies it seems.

What in hell is going on this time? That is a question best answered after some tough justice is laid down for the remaining people of the big apple.

Plot Sets

Capes and Crusaders Volume 1
Also known as 'World of Fighting!'

Capes and Crusaders Volume 2A
Could be called 'A Tale of Two Genres.'

Capes and Crusaders Volume 2B
Said to be 'Unpleasently Realistic and Terrible. (URT)'