A Hastily Scribbled Limerick of Rocks and Bandits

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Rules Errata and Houserules

The Great Houses

A map of Westors

Note that the descriptions of the great houses are taken from A Wiki of Ice and Fire, edited to remove spoilers for those of you who haven't read the books.

  • House Baratheon the house of Robert I, King of the Seven Kingdoms, and also the Lords of Dragonstone and the Stormlands
  • House Lannister are lords over the Westerlands, the area of the player's house.
  • House Tyrell rules the Reach, the rich farmlands just to the south of the players' bandit infested rocky mountain domain.
  • House Arryn the house of the King's current Hand, Jon Arryn, and the Lords of the Mountains of the Moon
  • House Stark rules over the North and plays little role at court.
  • House Tully is a wealthy house in the central Riverlands area.
  • House Greyjoy the chief house of the Ironborn, former raiders living in the Iron Islands. Recently attempted an unsuccessful rebellion against King Robert.
  • House Martell of Dorne.

Houses of Note

Persons of Import

Player Characters


Historical Overview

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